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Will the Debt-to-Income ratio changes throw your lending ability off balance?

The much-heralded debt to income ratio restrictions are finally here. What does this mean for New Zealand home buyers and investors? According to economic data

Were you banking on the First Home Grant to get you over the line with your first home deposit?

It’s likely you were counting on the eligibility of a First Home Grant to put towards the deposit for your first home. Being a KiwiSaver

Fixed mortgage interest rate coming to an end? Time for proper advice.

According to the latest OneRoof-Valocity figures NZ’s average property value hit bottom in June 2023, falling 14% from a peak of $1.097m in February 2022.

Open banking is finally on its way

For many years it’s been a common complaint that banks in New Zealand, wield far too much power over their customers, and actively stand in

Navigating Money in New Relationships

Now, more than ever, we need to be on the same page as each other in a relationship – especially if it’s a relatively new

Everything to Know About Refinancing

Refinancing is an important financial decision that can have a significant impact on your budget and your overall financial situation. If you own a property

Everything You Need To Know About Mortgages

Mortgages are a topic smothering headlines across the world, and in particular New Zealand. We’re an economy dominated heavily by the housing market. This is

We’ve pulled together some helpful tips on how you can better manage your mortgage.

Lower the interest rate if possible If you have the capacity to get a lower rate, get on to it. Talk to your Financial Adviser

What Is A Mortgage Cashback?

Mortgage cashbacks are well known throughout banks in New Zealand and are helpful when you’re a home buyer. They are an incentive from a bank